has all the tools your company needs to meet its  H&S obligations under the law

Does health and safety law really need to concern us as a small UK company?

Well, yes!  Firstly we need everyone to end the day safe and without being injured, and secondly, if they don't, it could cost a lot in terms of fines, lost time, lost production, and reputation.

What do businesses actually have to do to comply with UK health and safety legislation?

The RISK of anything dangerous happening must by law be assessed and controlled, on-going.  

Ideally yes, but as far as reasonably practicable in any case, which means you can take into account that there might be very unreasonable costs or prohibitive effort involved in this.  It's very rare for the law to say you must do something like wear a safety helmet, but it is necessary to provide enough protection to reduce to as low as possible the risk of something bad happening at work, and in some cases, where a solution is technically possible, you absolutely have to use it.

So do we have to make sure there are absolutely no injuries or accidents?

Then do we have to write all these assessments down?

If there are 5 or more employees, including directors, assessments should be recorded, and reviewed regularly or when circumstances change, to see if different controls might be needed.  Records can be in any form as long as they cover the essentials.

NOTE that you can be prosecuted for not having a risk assessment even if nothing went wrong!

Controls? - what does that mean?

If you can't remove the need for something dangerous, you might be able to use a less hazardous type, equipment or system, or isolate it from people in some way, or manage the hazard using a safe system of work or by monitoring it.  Providing personal protective equipment and signage may not be so effective, but can be helpful as well.  These are all CONTROLS.

Safetyframe helps you get all this right, and more!

  • Everything in one place on your own web hosting (provided)
  • Accessible to everyone in the company online (with permission levels)
  • Regularly backup to your own systems
  • Reminder system - never miss another scheduled task!
  • Assessment generator (risk and COSHH)
  • See and edit all suggested extra controls in one window (for team overview)
  • Safe Systems of Work creator
  • Template examples ready to adapt for your organisation
  • Print a signature sheet with essential documents, or have staff sign online
  • Staff training manager
  • Write toolbox talks with signature sheets auto-populated
  • Contractor management system
  • Document storage and retrieval (for job sheets, certificates - you name it)
  • Create online check sheets for remote completing on phone or tablet
  • Ready to use example policies and 'Arrangements' for start-ups

. . . and we are still developing!


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